What is Breaking the Cycle?

Children of ex-offenders are more likely to become offenders themselves. Operation New Hope is redirecting the path they’ve been given by providing the emotional and financial stability the need to succeed.

Help break the cycle. Give them hope.

Breaking the Cycle is a full-scale economic development initiative aimed at the reunification of families and improving the outcomes for children of ex-offenders. The goal of this initiative is to make the reunification of family possible and to provide financial and emotional stability for the children.

How does Breaking the Cycle work?

  • Creates a supportive process where parents are willing to work to provide both financial and emotional support to their children.
  • Provides job skills, parenting and life skills training. Plus, family counseling.
  • Assists parents in finding a living wage so they can provide and maintain a stable home life.
  • Allows parents and children the important opportunity to rebuild their relationships.

Want to lean more about about donating to Breaking the Cycle? Please call us at 904.425.6002 or visit our Giving Hope page.

Why is Breaking the Cycle important?

  • Children of ex-offenders are more likely to become offenders themselves.
  • These efforts will eventually lead to Breaking the Cycle of financial instability and unlawful activity.
  • By improving the day-to-day life of the child, Operation New Hope is confident the future outcomes of the child will be ultimately improved.
  • Breaking the Cycle will lead to a safer, more productive community, taxpayer savings due to lower incarceration rates, and an overall improvement of the economic and social welfare of all citizens.
  • Operation New Hope has successfully helped over 2,500 ex-offenders reenter the workforce and indirectly served their 7,200 children by improving the child support statistics by 70 percent.

Ex-offenders reentered in the workforce



Children indirectly served




Child support improved

Breaking the Cycle Partners

The Bridge of Northeast Florida

The Bridge of Northeast Florida Inc. is a unique 501(c)(3) agency whose goal is to provide the children that live in some of Jacksonville’s most crime infested, impoverished neighborhoods with the opportunities they need to overcome barriers and to support them as they aspire to better their lives. Click here for more information about the Bridge of Northeast Florida.

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