For more than a decade, Operation New Hope’s development program has engaged in the urban neighborhoods of Historic Springfield and East Jacksonville, by restoring and building close to 80 homes. The homes are meant to be affordable; providing the “American Dream” of Home Ownership for many low-income individuals and families.

Homes built through Operation New Hope typically range from 1,375 – 1,678 square feet, can be 1-2 story, 3-4 bedrooms, 2-baths and energy-efficient heating and air conditioning systems. The homes are also designed to maintain the neighborhoods architectural character and heritage.

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Operation New Hope has access to many first-time home-buyer government assistance programs, and provides credit counseling and financial literacy workshops. Often buyers are able to qualify for and purchase a home with as little as $500 down and $375 for initial inspection.


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New Home Models Coming Soon: Spring 2015

The Garrard

4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms
1,375 sq ft (heated)
Master suite
Large open kitchen with breakfast bar

Floor Plan

The Griffin

3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms
1,644 sq ft (heated)
Formal dining area
Master suite
Large kitchen

Floor Plan

The Montgomery

3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms
1,375 sq ft (heated)
Master suite
Large open kitchen with breakfast bar

Floor Plan

Gallery of Interiors


ONH Development works in two primary suburbs of Jacksonville:


The Springfield Historic District is located in northwest Jacksonville and is directly adjacent to downtown. Springfield is one of Jacksonville’s oldest neighborhoods, with more than two-thirds of its homes predating 1921. Springfield is also one of only two Jacksonville neighborhoods enjoying local historic designation and protection. Today, Springfield is enjoying a revival and resurgence in population and interest; new housing construction mirrors historic architectural styles found throughout the district, while Main and Eighth Streets are undergoing and embracing new commercial development.

Southern Living Magazine listed historic Springfield as one of “the south’s best come back neighborhooods”

East Jacksonville

The neighborhood of East Jacksonville is seated upon the ground of Jacksonville’s original settlement, Cowford, established in the early 1800s. Located two miles from the heart of Jacksonville’s downtown business district, East Jacksonville is close to Everbank Field, the Veteran’s Memorial Arena, the Jacksonville Fairgrounds and downtown.

Homes for Sale

Homes Currently For Sale

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Home Buying Process

Turn in a completed application, along with $25 fee ($35 with co-applicant), at which time a tri-merge credit report will be pulled. Click here to download a PDF Housing Application.

Personally conducted by one of Operation New Hope’s Certified Housing Counselors.

  • Minimum credit score of 620
  • Debt to income ratio of 45% or lower
  • Within Area Median Income of the corresponding county
  • Minimum 1 year consecutive employment

Qualified applicants are paired with a city-approved lender; unqualified applicants are enrolled in Operation New Hope’s credit repair program.


A letter is issued by the city-approved lender indicating the qualified mortgage amount for the applicant.

Set up an appointment to view any available properties or new construction lots.

A $500.00 deposit is required to secure a 60 day contract for a home. During this time, a home inspection and walk through will take place. Also, a quote for homeowner’s insurance will be requested.


Enroll and complete an 8-hour home buyer course through one of the designated providers (cost for the course: $50).




The Dozier Apartments

Operation New Hope is proud to present its first multifamily housing unit. The Dozier apartments. This 14 unit multifamily apartment building will provide affordable, workforce housing to the residents of the urban core area of Jacksonville. Slated to be completed Mid July 2016. The apartment units will include:

  • 2- 500 SF studio
  • 8- 700 SF 1 Bedroom units
  • 4- 1,000 SF 2 Bedroom units

For more information please contact:


Operation New Hope’s staff assists perspective homeowners in obtaining home buying subsidies available through a number of public and private organizations. Below are a few of the subsidies currently available to home buyers in the Jacksonville Market. Let Operation New Hope’s staff help you identify and obtain the subsidies that will ensure you are getting the best deal available!

The Head Start to Homeownership Program (H2H)

  • Total household income cannot exceed 80% the Area Median Income
  • Up to $15,000 interest-free, subsidized second mortgage, where after 15 years of owner-occupancy the debt is forgiven, however repayment is required in full if the dwelling is sold within the 15 year timeframe.
  • $500 down payment and $375 for initial inspection
  • Mandatory 8-hour homebuyer information course
  • City of Jacksonville’s Head Start to Home Ownership Program Brochure

Federal Home Loan Bank (FHLB)

  • Provides matching funds to qualified first-time homebuyers; A maximum contribution of $7,500 with a ratio of 5 to 1.
  • Mandatory 8-hour homebuyer information course
  • Contribute a cash contribution of $500, minimum
  • Must be a first-time homebuyer
  • Must retain owner-occupancy for no-less than five years
  • learn more

Green Building Practice

Committed to improving Jacksonville’s neighborhoods, communities and the lives of its residents, Operation New Hope engages in responsible home building practices, as well as community involvement.

Many homes built by Operation New Hope are:

  • Energy Star or LEED Certified Homes
  • Equipped with energy-efficient Kenmore appliances
  • Equipped with energy-efficient HVAC systems
  • Built with upgraded energy-efficient windows and insulation

Operation New Hope is the first developer in Florida to provide affordable LEED-certified homes to the community and is a member of the US Green Building Council.

USGBC LEED Energy Star

Community Gardens

In 2008, Operation New Hope donated a plot of land, located at the corner of Phelps and Spearing Streets (directions) , as the site for a community garden. The mission for the garden, dubbed the Eastside Community Garden, is to provide to members of the community access to fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs while engaging them with exercise, recreation, friendship and healthful education. The garden is meant to instill pride in the community and its citizens. And, while having turned the garden over to the community, Operation New Hope continues to showcase support for the garden through promotion of quarterly cleanups and days of beautification.

Community gardens are thriving throughout the United States and are seen as a means to enrich and beautify neighborhoods. By transforming a parcel of urban land into a green space communities enjoy more than a simple garden.


A:  There are several ways to apply:  Call (904)354-4673 and ask to speak with an ONH housing specialist; or stop by the ONH Development office at 1830 N Main St., Jacksonville, FL 32206.
Click here to download a PDF Housing Application.

A: Operation New Hope’s average homebuyer mortgage, including insurance and property tax, is about $400-$500 per month. However, payments may be higher or lower dependant on the price of the home, amount of subsidy allocated, interest rates and available tax credits or deductions available. Once a home or model is chosen and preapproval is documented, a housing counselor will be able to provide an estimated mortgage payment.

A:  While housing markets and interest rates change daily, credit score requirements often change, too. Operation New Hope’s in-house credit counselors work closely with applicants to ensure the best outcome for applicants. Even those with less-than perfect credit can attain homeownership with assistance.

A:  Working with city, state and federal subsidy programs, Operation New Hope uses mixed income guidelines to secure homebuyers up to $30,000 for down payment and closing cost assistance. Qualifications vary, dependant on the household size: For example, a family of three, living in Duval County with a yearly income of $29,650 to $47,000 qualifies for subsidy assistance, however the amount of assistance allocated is dependant on the total amount available.