Breaking the Cycle Family Day at the Jacksonville Zoo

Operation New Hope clients enrolled in our Breaking the Cycle Program enjoyed a fun (and hot) family day at the Jacksonville Zoo last Saturday. During the 3rd annual event, families spent the day exploring the zoo’s lush gardens, viewing the beautiful array of animals, and enjoying a picnic lunch together. Some even had a chance to feed the giraffes! All reported that it was a great day spent with their families and friends.

BREAKING THE CYCLE – Children of formerly incarcerated parents are 7 times more likely to become offenders themselves.  Our Breaking the Cycle program provides family reunification services to break the cycle of generational incarceration. Clients with children ages 0-18 who elect to participate are partnered with a Breaking the Cycle coordinator who creates an individualized Family Support Plan to assist with:

– Reconnecting with their child after being gone.

– Recovering, establishing, and maintaining a relationship with the co-parent, whether in the home or not.

– Parenting children with emotional or educational challenges.

Breaking the Cycle team also coordinates parenting workshops and family events – like Family Zoo Day! Thanks to everyone who was able to attend and a very big thanks to Paula Jamison and Ronnie Cage for making the day so special for so many.

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