Celebrating the Team at Operation New Hope

We Love Our Team at Operation New Hope!

We have a great team at Operation New Hope, and it’s so fun to spotlight our outstanding performers. Every year at our annual holiday celebration, we celebrate our team’s achievements and take time to highlight those who go above and beyond in support of our clients and organization’s success. 

Employee of the Year - Joi Stephens

2022 Employee of the Year - Joi Stephens

Operation New Hope is staffed by some of the most compassionate and hardworking people in Florida, so it’s hard to pick just a few, so this year we decided to go over the top – just like the team does – and we celebrated as many as we can! We were thrilled to announce that this year’s Employee of the Year goes to our Client Services Manager – Joi Stephens!

Joi has been instrumental in so many capacities during her 7 years of service here at Operation New Hope. She was instrumental in supporting our Ready4Work expansion in St. Johns County before returning to the Jacksonville office where she now leads our team of Case Managers and Intake Specialists. She excels at multitasking, direct and compassionate communication, balancing a robust client case management load, while also helping the organization achieve great enrollment success. She is always upbeat, collaborative, flexible, and willing to lend a hand. We are so thankful for her dedication – Joi is a joy to work with and we are so lucky to have her as part of our team!

2022 Hope Award - Chris Simmons

Last year, we instituted the Hope Award to acknowledge the hard work of more than just one top performer. This year’s Hope Award goes to Chris Simmons for his dedication and positive attitude that he brings to the job every day. Chris joined the ONH team last year as an Intake Specialist. He excelled in this role, welcoming each new client with warmth and reassurance. Chris expressed interest in growing in the organization and moved into his new role as a Pre-Release Case Manager earlier this year. He has applied the same care for clients and works hard to build individualized release plans for people at prisons across the state to facilitate a smooth transition back into the community. By meeting with clients monthly during the 90 days prior to their release, Chris helps bridge the reentry divide to ensure adequate housing, transportation, and job training. Clients repeated comment on how helpful Chris is to the reentry process. We are proud to have Chris on our team and thank him for his hard work and caring approach. Keep up the great work Chris!

2022 Employee Superlative Awards

We can’t say it enough – we are staffed by some of the kindest, most hardworking people you will ever meet, and we love the opportunity to celebrate our team members who are making a real impact in the lives of 1,000’s here in our community.  We had so much fun naming this year’s superlatives and honor the work they do to help break the cycle of incarceration. 

Rookie of the Year - Caitlyn Murtha

Caitlyn has consistently delivered since day one. There have been several times that she was heavily counted on, and she faced the challenges with no issues.  Caitlyn’s first year has been truly remarkable!

Clients' Choice Award - Ciara Dixon

Ciara is at the forefront of ONH in our Intake Department! She faces all clients whether they are having good days or bad.  Ciara continues to be a client favorite based on her interactions, attitude, mannerisms, and willingness to assist anyone, any time!

Best Supporting Case Member - Charletta Brown

Charletta is the true definition of a team player. Whether assisting staff or clients with extra duties, she is always willing to help in the biggest way possible.  Charletta supports her clients in everyway possible, and most recently she took a client food shopping due to the client’s limitations.

Best Supporting Case Member - Kaley Vontz

Kaley is behind the scenes supporting everything that keeps ONH going! She is constantly on the hunt for grant and foundation opportunities to support our work, tracking down donors, and working to seamlessly execute events like Second Chance Showcase, first annual Hope Starts Here 5K and our Mulligans for Hope golf tournament.

MC Award - Monae Watson

Presentation, Public Speaking, Commanding an audience… need we say more?!?!  The way Monae takes time to describe each graduating class and articulates her words to speak to the clients, she has a way to motivate them to believe they can really prosper.

Most Likely to Make it Happen - Tatiana Mullaney

Tatiana exudes openness, has an infectious smile, and has a true eagerness to learn! If it hasn’t happened, Tatiana will make it happen! Tati steps in without asking around the office to make everything organized. That’s very important when you are starting a new location and have to have everything in its place. She also has great patience with the clients in intake with a welcoming spirit.

Most Likely to Believe They're a Celebrity - Chris Simmons

Chris is the first one to volunteer to be on camera and share the ONH story! He keeps a B-roll of his appearances representing ONH including Intake staff video and Hope Starts Here 5K news clip to share with any and all!

"And Another One" (The Comeback Award) - Desiree Foster

Mrs. Desiree is back for another round of employment with ONH! She continues to retire and comeback for “another one”! And thank goodness – all the staff and clients love Ms. D!

Most Likely to Keep the Ship Afloat - Carrie Scott

Carrie is always in place, always on time, and always taking care of others.  Carrie continues to support ONH at a high level and is not afraid of any new challenges thrown at her.  All of her days are filled with joy and supporting others!

Most Likely to Be Confused with the Other Brian - Brian Douglas and Brian Hargrove

We know this one is silly – but we love the Brians at Operation New Hope. Both are hardworking, kind, and all-around good guys!

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