Community Partners

Help Us Build Statewide Reentry Network

For over 25 years, we have worked to build strategic partnerships and foster community coalitions with faith-based organizations, local businesses, community partners, and the judicial system. Together, we cultivate stronger communities and create opportunities to realize second chances. 

Does your organization offer community resources, connections, and support? 

2021 COJ/HUD Public-Philanthropic Initiative Award Winners


We know that changes happen through innovative community solutions. Connect with us to help create changes that impact entire generations by breaking the cycle of incarceration and poverty.


The faith community is uniquely positioned to help people reenter society. Help us advocate for a more restorative approach to justice that advances proportional punishment, constructive corrections culture, and second chances. 


To volunteer and give your time and energy not only enriches your own life but also the lives of those wanting a second chance. We always seeking energetic volunteers to engage, enrich, and inspire.

Interested in Volunteering or becoming a Community Partner?