Farewell to Joel Dinkins

It is never easy to say goodbye, especially to a team member that has commanded as much respect and admiration as Joel Dinkins. However, the time has come for Joel to move on from Operation New Hope and begin a new chapter, sharing his many talents with others.

Joel began his career as a gunner’s mate in the US Navy where he served 20 years.  During his service, he had the opportunity to train as a Naval Leadership Instructor and Master Trainer Specialist in Instructional Design, skills which he then brought to Operation New Hope.  As a Career Development Instructor, Joel established a structured curriculum for the Ready4Work program, one which any subsequent instructor can easily learn and implement.

During the past seven years, Joel estimates that he has served over 2,100 clients and is proud to report that at least 1,900 have successfully transformed their lives.  He acknowledges it is not easy to change in four weeks but says that he has always asked “100% from every client coming through the program.  I tell them ‘failure is not an option.  Be patient, steadfast and let things happen.’” He says that what he is going to miss most is “having a direct impact on our clients’ lives.”

“I am also going to miss the staff.  It takes a special person to work at Operation New Hope and they all set the tone for our clients.”  He says he has been blessed by having help along the way and that a lot of his success has come from being part of a supportive team.

All of us at Operation New Hope wish Joel much happiness and prosperity in his new career as an Instructional System Designer/Analysis at Yulista.  The staff and clients will miss you, Joel.

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