Stephen Colson

In his 18-year tenure with Florida’s St. John’s County Sheriff’s Office, Captain Stephen Colson has served in a supervisory role of each unique operation, and all support functions, of the St. John’s County Detention Center, a facility averaging approximately 430 inmates, and 240 employees. Through his role as a member of the Executive Staff of the St. John’s County Sheriff’s Office, he works with other members of the Agency to ensure that the county’s law enforcement team can offer consistent, safe and secure operations for the citizens and visitors of the county.

Notable career achievements include the fifth consecutive reaccreditation of the Detention Center by the Florida Corrections Accreditation Commission, which resulted in the facility receiving the highly-regarded “Excelsior” Designation. He has spearheaded several programs to benefit inmates at the center, that have also resulted in increased revenue for programming that is rolled back into inmate services. Colson is active on the St. Johns County Public Safety Coordinating Council, meeting quarterly with county officials to plan and implement emergency and safety strategies for the community.

Colson’s family members are also dedicated to service in law enforcement. They include his wife Patricia, who is employed by the Flagler County, Florida, Sheriff’s Office; his son Blake, who is a Deputy Sheriff assigned to patrol in Flagler County; and his daughter Alexa, who is employed with the Flagler County Public Defender’s Office.

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