Jarvis Wash

Ready4Work Director, Space Coast

Jarvis Wash serves as the Ready4Work Director of our Space Coast program location. Jarvis and his dedicated team provide support and training to people impacted by the criminal justice system helping to reconnect them to the workforce, their families, and our communities. He is a results driven leader with a proven track record for promoting organizational growth and establishing partnerships with cohesiveness. His personal philosophy is “mission brings on maintenance.”

Jarvis is the Founder of My Community Cares, Inc. and is the former CEO of The REENTRY Center of Brevard. For over 10 years, he has been connecting returning citizens with vital post-release services like housing, cognitive-behavioral intervention, health care, job placement and training. An impassioned community leader, he is also the Founder and Senior Pastor of The R.E.A.L. Church, Inc., which stands for Reaching, Equipping, Affecting Lives for Christ. 

Jarvis uses his adverse childhood experiences from growing up in Oakland, California to define his purpose and propel his career to one based on serving and giving back to disadvantaged communities. He is married to Elois Wash, who supports him in ministry, and enjoys spending time with his community and family. 

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