Food Donation Helps Parents Restore Relationships with Children

Bags filled with food donated by Feed Our Scholars to support Breaking the Cycle Program

Spring break is one of the hungriest times of year for many children in Florida. School meal programs provide meals while school is in session, but when the doors are closed, families are forced to figure it out or go without. This year-round issue burdens parents as they attempt to navigate the pains associated with the impact of food-insecurity on their families. 

For parents who have been incarcerated and are actively working to restore parental relations with their children after release, this food insecurity can be exacerbated. For the second year, Feed Our Scholars™ helped 33 parents enrolled in our Ready4Work program in Jacksonville meet their child’s basic need for food. Parents were able to supply their children with healthy breakfast and lunch meals for each day they were out of school, demonstrating their commitment to the well-being of their children. Though the road may seem long for some of our parents navigating reentry, we believe every step matters as it brings parent and child closer to their desired outcomes of reunification and restoration. 

To help break the cycle of generational incarceration and reconnect clients with their families, we host parenting and family reunification workshops featuring subject matter experts. We also deliver the National Fatherhood Initiative’s InsideOut Dads program within prisons to help incarcerated fathers become better dads. Our programs also support continued growth as moms and dads transition home. Many thanks to our partners at Feed Our Scholars for supporting our Breaking the Cycle program. #HopeStartsHere 

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