Forklift Certification at Ready4Work Space Coast

Please join us in celebrating the 22 Ready4Work Space Coast clients who recently received their Forklift Certification. Partnering with the Florida Masonry Apprentice & Educational Foundation, Operation New Hope is helping to provide support and training that further empowers individuals seeking a second chance.

The vocational training opportunities offered to our Ready4Work clients, including forklift certification, equip clients with practical skills essential for today’s job market. Through hands-on learning, participants not only gain valuable experience but also acquire industry-specific knowledge, positioning them as competitive candidates in the workforce. The Forklift and OSHA 10 certifications have proven to be catalysts, opening doors to increased job opportunities. Our team of dedicated Job Coaches will continue to actively assist clients in securing positions in warehouses and as forklift operators.

This was the first vocational training opportunity for our newest Ready4Work program location, and we are excited to offer another Forklift and OSHA 10 Certification class in April 2024. Our commitment to holistic reentry support extends beyond skill acquisition. By creating a supportive environment, we empower individuals with the confidence needed to navigate the challenges of employment after incarceration. Thus, forklift training programs like these not only show the mastery of technical skills but also the mastery of one’s potential.

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