Operation New Hope has partnered with over 600 businesses in Jacksonville and the surrounding area. Hiring our clients helps to minimize your operational and EAP costs, while increasing your profit through superior quality of work.

​ Ready4Work® participants are highly motivated individuals, consistently receiving high performance marks from employers, and enjoy higher than average job retention. Ready4Work® provides strong candidate/employment pairings using thorough employment skills analysis to identify attributes associated with each employer and each job’s components, as well as identify each individual’s ability to perform in the workforce. Ready4Work® participants are provided a variance of continued support (educational, financial, counseling, and legal) affording each individual the opportunity to grow their skill set, and enhance their coping mechanisms.

Operation New Hope has provided us with skilled, self-motivated, loyal employees. We utilize Operation New Hope as our first choice for staffing needs.

— Amanda Rusnak, Operations Manager-Vertex Transport, LLC.

Employer Benefits

  1. Intensely vetted and trained clientele, we can match your vetting process!
  2. You could qualify for up to $9,600 tax credit (WOTC) per client hired
  3. Our clients have a higher retention rate than the national average
  4. $5,000-$25,000 Federal Bonding coverage per client hired
  5. Drug-free Workplace
Employer Information

Ready4Work® has placed participants within the following industries:

Warehousing & Distribution | Office & Clerical | Construction | Maintenance & Janitorial | Collections | Hospitality | Landscape & Grounds Cleaning | Health Services | Customer Service

Our industry portfolio continues to expand and we are highly committed to satisfying requests of our business partners, as well as providing accountability to and for our participants.

The Ready4Work® program reduces hiring expenditures:

  1. Elimination of time/expense associated with recruitment (advertisement, candidate interviews, reference screening, drug testing)
  2. Working within employer’s hiring guidelines/qualifications for timely placement
  3. Replacement for underperforming employee

Interested in becoming an employer?

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