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Help Break the Cycle of Incarceration

At least 95% of all state prisoners will be released.

Of those returning home, 1 in 3 will likely return to incarceration within the first 3 years of their release.

People returning from incarceration face a multitude of barriers including restrictions from employment, transportation, and housing. Without adequate housing, transportation, and employment, people are less connected to their communities, and therefore far more likely to re-offend and return to incarceration. This cycle of incarceration creates communities that experience higher rates of crime, unemployment, and recidivism, which are all drains on the local tax base and overall economy.

You can help.

By joining our Bell Society, you can take a direct role in fixing a real problem. Operation New Hope successfully matches private support with limited but growing government funding to deliver comprehensive and effective reentry services. To continue advancing our successful reentry programming and services, we need your monthly investments to support our strategic expansion and technology upgrades. Your recurring monthly gift will help us make our services available to the thousands of people returning every month from incarceration to communities across Florida. 

Bell Society Membership

Bell Society Members give on a recurring, monthly basis and are leaders in the community committed to breaking the cycle of incarceration. Perks of membership include priority invitations to upcoming events, quarterly impact reports, and annual recognition.

In Honor of Quinn Bell

Quinn Bell, a successful businessman, community leader, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, served Operation New Hope as a dedicated board chair for 12 years. When asked about the work he was most passionate, he was quick to highlight his involvement at Operation New Hope. Quinn was a champion for second chances, believing we are all better than our worst mistake. When he learned about the profound and lasting impact that the criminal justice system has on the lives of so many people, he dedicated himself to addressing the injustice. His commitment to Operation New Hope’s mission through the gift of his time, talent, and treasure made a lasting impact on our organization. It is our hope that the Bell Society will honor and continue the great work Quinn helped to begin.

Join us in honoring Quinn Bell’s commitment to breaking the cycle of incarceration by joining the Bell Society and becoming a sustaining donor.

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