National Nonprofit Day – a day set aside to recognize the positive impact that nonprofit organizations have on our local communities and around the world – was August 17, 2020. As a way of celebration, we asked the team to share their favorite memories of working at Operation New Hope.

Here’s what Case Manager Bryan Smith had to say:

” I recently received an email from a client stating that he would not have made it and would probably be back in prison if it was not for my assistance. I told him that this is a 50/50 partnership and his role in his success was just as important, because he was the one that followed up on recommendations, and answered my calls each month—updating me on his progress. It was an honor working with him and seeing his progress from a man that was just released from prison and was undecided on his direction and navigating his ups and down (lowest being homeless during Covid-19). We were able to work together and now he is safe with family and obtaining his own apartment.


Bryan continued by adding, “As a team I have always appreciated or transparency and vulnerability. We communicate and always offer each other feedback and suggestions. With nonprofits there is always change due to nature of the profession and everyone is always encouraging and we leave no one behind.  Everyone is ‘all hands in’ and we challenge each other so that we can be our best for each client that walks through those doors.”

Bryan’s words are the perfect celebration of National Nonprofit Day and a beautiful reminder of why and how we serve our community. Thanks Bryan! 

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