How Can Ready4Work Change Your Life?

Ready4Work Graduate shares how Operation New Hope changed her life, helped her find her path, and gave her the faith needed to succeed.

“I’ve gotten so much courage to go out there – like a lion! – just to go out there and do it, with the skills that I’ve learned.” – Crystal Chisholm

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  1. This is so wonderful!
    This young lady is such an inspiration! She was arrested as a teen, yet sentenced as an adult in one of the worst states in our nation.
    Florida’s laws must change.
    Thank you Operation New Hope for your faith in those who deserve second chances! You are improving lives every day!
    Congratulations on

    1. Post

      Our Ready4Work program is currently in Jacksonville, Tampa and Tallahassee, but we are close to expanding into St. Johns County. Please feel free to contact us at 904-354-HOPE with any questions you may have.

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