Ignite Your Creativity: Our clients starting a habit of creative expression

Numerous studies suggest that the artistic process offers a safe and constructive means of expressing, releasing, and coping with potentially harmful emotions like anger and aggression. That’s why at Operation New Hope, we incorporate art therapy into our Ready4Work program, benefiting our clients in multiple ways. Displaying artwork, prose, and poetry enables returning citizens to engage productively with the community pre and post-release, affirming their value beyond being a statistic defined solely by their past actions. By including art therapy sessions, we aim to enhance mental well-being and decrease recidivism rates among individuals affected by the criminal justice system. 

In today’s session, we started with mediation and chair yoga followed by a lesson on about starting an art habit. Clients learned how creative activity leads to creative thinking and problem solving. Our clients where encouraged to find their own mode of creative expression from painting to journaling. 

We have now been offering art therapy as part of our Ready4Work program in both our Jacksonville and Orlando locations. Below are some examples of recent art therapy projects – Messages of Hope, Keys to Success, and Past & Present Hands – from the Orlando program location.We hope you join us in starting an art habit and let is know how you use creative expression in your life!

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