InsideOut Dad Graduation at Baker Correctional

Operation New Hope’s Case Manager Ronnie Cage was onsite at Baker Correctional Institution to celebrate the graduates who successfully completed the InsideOut Dad program. While the class started in early January and was scheduled to end on March 25, 2020, COVID19 changed plans.

Cage was happy to report that “The guys were really shocked to find out that we actually held a graduation, and the theme for the graduation was ‘Always Finish What You Start.’ In the message today, I tied this long process that they went through to finally receiving their Certificate of Completion to having to go through the process of being a Father – no matter what the circumstance is.”

Ronnie Cage addressing the InsideOut Dad graduates at Baker Correctional.
National Fatherhood Initiative (NFI) developed the first edition of the InsideOut Dad program in 2005 to address a gap in quality fatherhood programs with proven effectiveness that help incarcerated fathers to become better dads while on the inside and, for those fathers who will be released, that help continue their growth as dads when they’re on the outside.

NFI developed the InsideOut Dad program based on a philosophy that supports the growth and development of fathers and children as caring, compassionate people who treat themselves, others, and the environment with respect and dignity. This philosophical basis of caring and compassion forms the underlying structure that constitutes the values that are taught in the InsideOut Dad program.

Operation New Hope has been delivering the InsideOut Dad program inside correctional facilities since 2014 as part of our mission to break the cycle of generational incarceration. Ronnie Cage works with incarcerated fathers to help foster the skills needed to be an effective father preparing them for their eventual release and reunification. The next InsideOut Dad class is scheduled to begin on June 25, 2020 at Baker Correctional Institution.

Since early March 2020, our Ready4Release team has been unable to provide services behind the wall due to COVID restrictions, but we recently were approved to reenter two Florida Department of Corrections facilities (Baker and Madison). Our Ready4Release team is excited to be able to again provide face-to-face services and is working on securing access to more facilities. We would like to thank our partners at the Florida Department of Corrections for working with us to help facilitate a smooth transition back into the community.

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