National Association of Reentry Professionals Honors ONH

Rosetta Pace Taylor presenting the award to the Ready4Work team in Jacksonville

During our first Ready4Work graduation ceremony of 2023, the National Association of Reentry Professionals presented the Johnny & Julia Pace Award to our team, highlighting our work in the field of reentry. Every year, the National Associate of Reentry Professionals recognizes the work of four organizations across the country for providing excellent services bridging returning citizens, families and communities, setting a strong foundation while utilizing encouragement and mentorship for stabilization. 

“It’s hard to come home and make any change,” noted Rosetta Pace Taylor from NARP who presented the award. “But with  wrap-around services like Operation New Hope, you get this true hope. And you can come here, and any aspect of your life that you need to work on, you can do it if you choose. But without these individuals, it would not be possible. So today, I want to present them with their first national award.”

Operation New Hope is honored to have been selected as one of those top reentry providers. Thanks to Rosetta and her team for helping raise the bar of reentry services in America. 


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