Our Mission



Operation New Hope provides support, life and job skills training for people with a history of involvement with the criminal justice system, and places them in employment that offers a sustainable quality of life.


Operation New Hope works to build a stronger community by creating opportunities to realize second chances and reduce recidivism.


At Operation New Hope, we believe that we are all better than our worst mistake, worst day, or worst decision. We believe in people’s ability to learn from their errors and transform their lives through commitment and hard work.

We are honest, respectful, and forthright in our actions, adhering to the highest ethical standards. We listen and learn from each other and align ourselves with partners to leverage our collective capabilities in creating an inclusive environment. We are passionate about our mission, committed to our communities and work every day to earn their trust.

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The Second Sentence

0 Million

people in the United States have a criminal record.

0 Million

people with a criminal record are no longer in jail, on probation, or on parole.


Unemployment rate of this population

People returning from incarceration face a multitude of barriers. Employment, transportation, and housing are three of the greatest obstacles. Without adequate housing, transportation, and employment, people are less connected to their communities, and therefore far more likely to re-offend and return to incarceration. This cycle of incarceration creates communities that experience higher rates of crime, unemployment, and recidivism, which are all drains on the local tax base and overall economy.

According to a 2018 Prison Policy Initiative report, “formerly incarcerated people are almost five times more likely than the general public to be unemployed, and many who are employed remain relegated to the most insecure jobs.” Relatedly, approximately 68% of the formerly incarcerated are rearrested within 3 years according to the US Bureau of Justice Statistics 2018 Update on Prisoner Recidivism.

The Second Sentence Chance

By providing extensive wrap-around care and job training, we provide Second Chances for the formerly incarcerated. Operation New Hope’s Ready4Release and Ready4Work programs equip our clients with what they need to become a responsible member of the country’s workforce and a productive citizen.

While we provide training and care for the formerly incarcerated, we also strive to create a more welcoming community into which people can return. By working to destigmatize a criminal record by offering more second chances, we encourage people to break the cycle of incarceration. Providing second chances creates a more inclusive workplace and community, which allows companies and their surrounding communities to be the most successful they can be.

Second Chance Logistics

With over 20 years of experience providing reentry services in Northeast Florida, Operation New Hope is a leader in the field. United by the belief that we all have the power to change our lives for better, the organization is lead and staffed by people who are called by their faith to serve people hoping to transform their lives through employment. We now deliver the Ready4Release, Ready4Work, and Ready4Success programs to address the problems, concerns, and expectations surrounding reentry and employing the formerly incarcerated. 

Working in collaboration with the Department of Corrections, Operation New Hope delivers pre-release services to 29 facilities in Florida. Our dedicated Ready4Release team targets qualified inmates and presents program details. Experienced Case Managers bridge the reentry divide to ensure adequate housing, transportation, and job training. 

Our Ready4Work program helps people with a criminal record reenter the workforce through job training, placement, and financial assistance. Implementing a comprehensive 4-pronged approach (case management, supportive services, job training, and job placement assistance), our Ready4Work program ensures each client succeeds. Because poverty and financial hardship for the formerly incarcerated are main drivers of recidivism, Ready4Work clients earn stipends and incentives while enrolled in the program, and receive financial support to address transitional housing, transportation, vital documents, food and clothing.

Ready4Success delivers first-class case management, career development, and other crucial program services in a blended service model that is primarily virtual. Our newest program is innovative and builds on lessons learned over the many years and most recently during the COVID pandemic, where we learned that we can successfully deliver critical support services to individuals through a predominately virtual platform.

The success of Ready4Release, Ready4Work, and Ready4Success programs is evident in the transformation stories of our clients, enhanced hiring practices for employment partners, healthier communities and families, reduced recidivism, and better public safety.