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Raising Expectations for What is Possible

With over 25 years of experience providing reentry services in Florida, Operation New Hope is a leader in the field. United by the belief that we all have the power to change our lives for the better, our Ready4Release, Ready4Work, and Ready4Success programs address the problems, concerns, and expectations surrounding reentry and employing the formerly incarcerated.

Our dedicated team of case managers, mental health therapists, and career coaches work with participants one-on-one to address personal needs and overcome obstacles after involvement with the criminal justice system. Our programs give people the tools needed to focus on the future and leave the past behind. 

Working in collaboration with the Department of Corrections, we deliver pre-release services to over 30 facilities in Florida. Our dedicated Ready4Release Case Managers bridge the reentry divide to ensure adequate housing, transportation, and job training.

Participants in our free Ready4Work program receive training, job placement, financial benefits, support services, mental health services, housing, and transportation assistance – everything needed to build a new future after involvement with the criminal justice system.

Our newest program – Ready4Success – delivers first-class case management, career development, and other crucial program services in a blended service model that is innovative, effective, and primarily virtual.  

You have the power to change your direction!

Financial independence, career growth, and success can be your future. Learn how others found the confidence and skills to make change happen. 

Prison broke me. But when I came here, I had an opportunity to change that. They give you everything you need to reach out and get your goals. It’s all right here. I have never felt so many people care about me that I don’t know. Everyone here has had my back. I got a job, I’m successful, and I thank everyone here!

– Danielle, Ready4Work Graduate 

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Program Locations

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1830 North Main Street
Jacksonville, Florida 32206

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Frequently Asked Questions

We assist with housing, transportation, employment placement, vocational training, basic needs, and vital documents. We encourage anyone interested in our Ready4Release, Ready4Work and Ready4Success programs to contact us to learn more.

  • We meet monthly with clients enrolled in Ready4Release during the 90 days prior to release to ensure adequate housing, transportation, and job training. 
  • Individuals enrolled in Ready4Work are provided a full year of wraparound services including case management, mental health counseling, and career coaching. Clients must complete 3 weeks of in-person Career Development curriculum when first enrolled in Ready4Work program.
  • Incarcerated individuals who have less than 6 months left of their sentence may enroll in the Ready4Release program. For more information, ask your classification officer today or write to us at 1830 North Main Street, Jacksonville, Florida 32206.
  • For anyone interested in our Ready4Work post-release program, we encourage all to apply so we can find the best fit for one of our multiple funding sources. Complete the above form, click the APPLY button on the homepage of this website, or apply in person.
  • Clients must remain drug free and be willing and able to work.
  • A new group of Ready4Work clients start the program every Monday.
  • Ready4Release clients receive priority enrollment and may begin the Ready4Work program upon release without waiting.
  • Working in collaboration with the Department of Corrections, we deliver pre-release services to 30 facilities in Florida. (See map above.)
  • Our dedicated Ready4Release team targets qualified inmates and presents Ready4Work program details. Experienced Case Managers enroll interested clients and build an individualized release plan to facilitate a smooth transition back into the community.