Potential Expansion of Training Certification Options for Clients

Operation New Hope met with representatives at National Training, Inc. on Wednesday, January 23, 2019 to tour their program and explore new avenues for expanding the vocational training available to Ready4Work® clients.  There is currently a high market demand for individuals with a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) and the industry is becoming more open to hiring those who were formerly incarcerated.  Operation New Hope plans to partner with National Training, Inc. so that Ready4Work clients may access the many benefits of their program:

  • Shorter training schedule – CDL and Heavy Machine licenses can be earned in 4 weeks
  • (as opposed to local average of 9 weeks)
  • Nearby hotel which could serve as transitional housing
  • Quality machines and trucks for hands on training
  • 350 acres of land

“What we are hoping to do find ways to bring up the wage level so that our clients can create a lifestyle for their family that they can feel proud of,” says Melissa Riggins, Employment Specialist at Operation New Hope.  Gaining the training needed to land a career in the trucking industry can do just that.  Next steps include determining sources of funding to support the partnership to expand Ready4Work training services. 

Melissa Riggins, Employment Specialist, takes a turn operating
heavy machinery at National Training, Inc.

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