With over 20 years of experience providing reentry services, Operation New Hope is the leader in the field. Our mission is to provide support, life and job skills training for people with a history of involvement with the criminal justice system and place them in employment that offers a sustainable quality of life. We build stronger communities by creating opportunities to realize second chances and reduce recidivism through strategic partnerships with the Florida Department of Corrections, faith-based organizations, businesses, community partners, and the judicial system. We motivate clients to become productive, responsible citizens saving taxpayers millions of dollars by avoiding repeated cost of incarceration and lost tax revenue.

Founded in 1999 to address poverty, crime, homelessness, property disrepair, and drug addiction in Jacksonville, Florida, Operation New Hope successfully brought together a community once lost to blight and neglect. Our success caught the attention of President Bush and in 2003 and he selected Operation New Hope as the pilot site for the Ready4Work program. Since then, our work in the field of reentry has been praised by Presidents Clinton, Bush, Obama and Trump, as well as, federal, state and local representatives, law enforcement officers, and business leaders. Internationally, we have been recognized by the House of Mandela as a model program for the world. 

In July 2019, Operation New Hope hosted a tour and roundtable discussion regarding jobs, the economy, and reentry that was attended by Vice President Mike Pence, Ivanka Trump, and Governor Ron DeSantis. Impressed by our Ready4Work program, Vice President Pence remarked that ours is a "model program not only in Florida but for the United States."  Governor DeSantis added, “We need to look to what the Federal government did with the prison reform with regards to reentry. We have more work at the state level to continue to pursue success.”

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