Vocational Training

Our vocational programs give you the opportunity to continue learning and earn a valuable skillset which will make you that much more employable. Once you graduate from the Ready4Work® program you can apply for the following:

Customer Service Training

Learning Dynamics and Perfectly Suited Career Consulting delivers this certification course. The content focuses on “Customers forever: Delivering Exceptional Customer Service”, with specific courses: creating value, building loyalty, client retention, exceptional service, recovery, and strengthening internal cooperation. We know that companies that win in today's highly competitive marketplace know the importance of exceeding their customers' expectations and providing superior customer service.

Microsoft Office Certification

A comprehensive Microsoft course using a hands-on approach that teaches students to navigate Microsoft. The training covers the creation and editing of documents, formatting, adding tables and lists, adding design elements, and layout options. Exploring all the built-in options that make work easy and fun.

Contact Center Training

This certification course focuses on: assessing caller's service expectations, developing question skills, communication processes, moving calls forward to resolution, documentation techniques, follow-up, communication through email and web chat, diffusing conflict, maximizing productivity and effectiveness of the team, direct personal contributions toward team synergy and success.

Jacksonville Port Academy

After creating the successful Warehouse Associate Program it became abundantly clear there was another area of need. In 2015, the Jacksonville Port Academy was launched. The Academy will help bridge the gap between Port of Jacksonville employers and skilled potential employees. By providing in-demand skills training, deemed necessary by local business leaders, an employment-ready applicant pool is created.

Construction Apprenticeships

NEFBA construction apprenticeship offering career preparation for the workforce to meet the needs of the employer, industry and community. 4-year program with structured training and On-the-job-training paid hourly wage by the employer with classroom instruction 2 nights per week.

Warehousing & Logistics

The Warehouse Certificate program offered by UNF is a thorough overview of the opportunities available in and instruction on the skill sets necessary to be successful in this fast-growing industry of logistic and supply chains. The program explains where warehouses fit within the supply chain, it goes through all the warehouse positions of receiving, put away, picking, replenishment, and shipping. It covers what is required of these positions, what competencies are expected of the worker, and how one keeps their job if hired. Furthermore, it covers safety in the workforce, and value added services.

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