Ready4Work Orlando Celebrates First Year

To meet the critical needs of the thousands of people who return home to Central Florida every month from jail and prison, Operation New Hope opened a new program location in Orlando in September 2022 as part of our Statewide Reentry Network. After our first year of delivering our nationally-recognized Ready4Work reentry program and providing holistic solutions for people working to rebuild their lives after involvement with the criminal justice system, we are happy to report on our community impact.

During our first year in Orlando, we have helped 250 people reconnect to the workforce, their families, and our Central Florida community with our life-changing support and training. The Orlando community has been so welcoming, and we are excited to make more connections in the Central Florida region as we continue to partner with local businesses, community-based organizations, workforce alliances, educational institutions, and the judicial system.

“I’m pleased to be here to welcome Operation New Hope to Orlando. The City is committed to being a place where everybody has equal access to opportunities and that includes individuals who have spent time with the criminal justice system. Making it easier for them to have a path is critically important because we know we want them to have a bright future. That is why I’m so pleased that after two decades of great success of the program to have it here in Orlando.”
Buddy Dyer
City of Orlando Mayor
“UPS values it’s partnership with Operation New Hope, as the programmatic investment towards their Ready4Work program provides underrepresented citizens, and the communities they live in, the necessary resources to thrive. This is just one way UPS and The UPS Foundation is creating a more equitable and just world”.
Patrick Smith
Regional Community Relations Manager at UPS

The work we do is about safety, which is not just the absence of crime, it’s the presence of well-being. With the skills learned and confidence gained from our Ready4Release, Ready4Work and Ready4Success programs, our participants go on to become productive community members and build successful careers earning living wages.  Here are Samantha’s, Janice’s, and Candance’s Voices of Hope stories from our first year serving Orlando. We invite you to celebrate their transformation, resilience, success, and hope with us!

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