Ready4Work Space Coast Ribbon Cutting

Florida has the 3rd largest incarcerated population in the U.S. and 95% of all state prisoners will be released. Brevard County has the 10th highest number of people returning from prisons here in the State of Florida. Therefore, there is a great need for reentry programs to help people rebuild their lives, become self-sufficient, keep our communities safe, and reduce the amount taxpayers spend on incarceration. So when The Reentry Center of Brevard asked us to consider making the Space Coast region the next Ready4Work location, the answer was clear. On Friday, November 17, 2023, Operation New Hope celebrated the opening of Ready4Work Space Coast

We celebrated the new program location by honoring the first 4 Ready4Work Space Coast graduates along with 75 community partners in attendance. And we were thrilled to be joined by Boeing who made a very special $100,000 grant presentation to support our mission. 

Boeing is committed to innovating and investing in efforts that build, enhance and contribute to the communities where their employees live and work. As a sustainable, healthy, dynamic and global company, they are a force for change in our world, and they work every day to bring about that change for the communities that need it most.

At Operation New Hope, we are grateful for Boeing’s help in supporting people as they navigate reentry and overcome the multitude of barriers they face as they seek employment. Providing these resources not only helps individuals returning from prison, but also serves as an important economic need by matching qualified, vetted employees with industries in need of workers, as well as, an important community safety measure, by helping to stabilize neighborhoods and prevent further crime.

To meet the needs of the thousands of people who return home every month from Florida’s jails and prisons, it is critical that we continue providing mental health counseling, transitional housing, vocational training, and job placement to ensure they become self-sufficient and not recidivate. Operation New Hope continues to expand our Statewide Reentry Network to serve more and are looking forward to our next program location opening in Tampa in 2024. 

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