Replicate the Ready4Work® Program

We want to make our Ready4Work program accessible across the United States. So far, our process has been proven in Hillsborough and Tallahassee, with other sites coming soon. Call 904.354.4673 to begin discussing the possibility of replicating near you.

Ready4Work gives the previously incarcerated a second chance. With 1 in 3 Americans having a record, programs like this can make a huge impact in your community.

Replication Process

Expression of Interest

Request an Expression of Interest from the form above, and submit it.

Initial Findings

After review you will receive a written response indicating approval status. If not approved, review the areas you need to address to become a partner.

Site Visit

A site visit will be scheduled to allow our team to visit your facilities and to meet your team, board, and other key stakeholders you feel will be crucial.

Final Decision

You will be informed in writing of our final decision on moving forward or receive an explanation of why it was not a fit.


You will receive a Licensing Agreement detailing what your relationship will be with us, your rights and responsibilities in replicating R4W, and associated costs.

Due Diligence

If you are a viable candidate you will be asked to provide organizational and financial documentation, followed by a phone interview. You will be asked to sign a Confidentiality Agreement and provide a Board Resolution expressing support for replication of R4W.

Pre-Operational Support

Upon contract execution, we will assist with planning, preparing, staffing, and training for launch. You will also receive access to R4W case management data collection and reporting system.

Operational Support

When your R4W program launches you will receive on-site support and regular check-ins to address any process challenges, data support and peer-to-peer team support for successful replication.

Monitoring & Evaluation

We will conduct periodic process audits, both remotely and on site, to help you identify any issues and resolve them quickly.