Second Chance Supporter – Florida Capital Bank

April is Second Chance Month, a time when we celebrate those in our community who are committed to helping people make the most of their second chances following incarceration. This month, we are proud to spotlight Florida Capital Bank for their support of second chances. Florida Capital Bank has generously committed to being the title sponsor of our inaugural Hope Starts Here 5k on May 21, 2022. Proceeds from the race will be used to provide workforce training, mental health services, and job placement assistance for people affected by the criminal justice system. The Hope Starts Here 5K helps Jacksonville build safer communities, stronger economies, and more stable families and we are so thankful for Florida Capital Bank’s support. 

Florida Capital Bank is a nationally chartered bank headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida with full service branches located in Gainesville, Orlando, Tampa Bay, and Jacksonville. Through their community involvement efforts, Florida Capital Bank provides meaningful support to organizations that help to make the communities we live and work in stronger and better for all of our citizens.

We recently sat down with Beth Touchton, the Community Reinvestment Act Officer at Florida Capital Bank, to discuss how her organization’s core values are in line with our mission to to build a stronger community by creating opportunities to realize second chances and reduce recidivism. Here’s what Beth shared:

“Being a Jacksonville native, it’s important to me to know what’s going on in our city. I personally believe we are all called to take care of each other. 

At Florida Capital Bank, two of our core values are the belief in the importance of family and the communities we serve and dignity of all people and the strength of teams. Our partnership with Operation New Hope exemplifies those values. We have employees at Florida Capital Bank that have family members who have been incarcerated and have struggled with addiction. We know how important second chances have been for their families, and we are proud to support second chances for everyone in our community.

One of my jobs is to look at ways our bank can serve low- to moderate-income families and reinvestment is our focus. Florida Capital Bank is committed to reinvesting in multiple ways – through donations, lending, financial education, and volunteering. It’s incumbent upon each of us to hear stories and allow them to impact us and move us to do more.”

We thank Florida Capital Bank for being a Second Chance Supporter! If you or your company are interested in getting involved in the upcoming Hope Starts Here 5k, learn more about registering for the race and about becoming a sponsor today. 

Beth Touchton, CRA Officer at Florida Capital Bank, presenting Hope Starts Here 5k title sponsorship to Operation New Hope President Reggie Fullwood

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