Second Chance Supporter – Hope Enterprises dba The Original Granite Bracket

We continue to celebrate Second Chance Month this April by spotlighting our local Employment Partners who support second chances by hiring our Ready4Work graduates. We had the opportunity to visit Hope Enterprises dba The Original Granite Bracket and sit down with Roger Kaman, the National Accounts Manager, to learn why he is a Second Chance Supporter. Here’s what he said.

“It’s a real blessing to know your organization. I’m so glad you came in here and you presented your opportunity to work with people that need second chances. I think actually the key to workforce success is surrounding yourself with people that will allow you to have a second chance.”

“We’ve all made stupid mistakes. You know it’s just that some of us didn’t get caught. I appreciate that and new hires that come in here and take that second chance and not only prove to their families that they’ve changed, but most importantly to themselves. No matter who someone is or what their background is, we will work with them. We will give them an opportunity, but it’s their opportunity.”

“When an applicant comes in here to Hope Enterprises one of the main things I’m looking for is honesty. We have about 25 people here at the company, so we’re not a huge company, but we’re a company that these guys spend more time with than their own family sometimes.”

“We would totally recommend Ready4Work to other companies and we totally want to continue our partnership with you guys down the road long term- especially if you can bring good people like Johnathan (read his Voices of Hope story here). When you have other quality clients that are willing to make a change in their life, we invite them to come to our company, and we will give them their second chance.””

The Original Granite Bracket began as a granite fabrication and kitchen design center that started designing hidden countertop support brackets made of American Steel. They are based here in Northeast Florida but have clients all over the United States. They are growing daily due to their quality and happy customer referrals. Check them out today.

Creating opportunities to realize second chances requires support from employers who care about the community, and we thank Hope Enterprises (dba The Original Granite Bracket) for being an Operation New Hope Second Chance Supporter!

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