Second Chance Supporter – Mayo Clinic

As we continue our celebration of Second Chance Month, we are pleased to highlight Mayo Clinic for being a Second Chance Supporter. We are so thankful for their investment in our work and for their commitment to making our community healthier and stronger. 

Mayo Clinic’s primary value is the needs of the patient come first. As a private trust for the public good, Mayo Clinic is dedicated to giving back to its local communities. Here in Jacksonville, their community benefit activities include investment in programs and initiatives designed to improve the health, well-being and quality of life for local and regional residents and communities. Mayo Clinic provides funding and in-kind support for new and existing programs and initiatives that address significant and emergent unmet or underfunded needs specific to basic human services, education, workforce development, youth and elderly enrichment, health care disparities, and the built environment. 

For the second year in a row, they have selected our Ready4Work program as a recipient of Mayo Clinic’s Community Contributions Program. Our comprehensive 4-pronged approach, that includes case management and mental health, supportive services, job training, and job placement assistance, aligns with Mayo Clinic’s efforts to support work identified in their Community Health Needs Assessment including mental health and access. We are proud to partner with the #1 hospital in the nation and are so thankful for their support of Second Chances. 

We invite you to join us in celebrating Second Chance Month this April – a nationwide effort to raise awareness of the collateral consequences of a criminal conviction, and unlock second-chance opportunities for people who have completed their sentences to become contributing citizens. Follow our stories spotlighting second chances all month long. #SecondChanceMonth #SecondChances #HopeStartsHere

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