Second Chance Supporter – St. Johns Housing Partnership

In honor of Second Chance Month, Operation New Hope continues to spotlight our outstanding Employment Partners who support our mission by hiring our Ready4Work program graduates. We are so thankful to Second Chance Supporter – St. Johns Housing Partnership for their commitment to improving the community.

For the past 25 years, St. Johns Housing Partnership has positively impacted St. Johns County, Florida and the surrounding area by making housing more affordable for citizens in need. Their mission is to link public and private sectors on projects that create low- and moderate-income housing and rebuild neglected homes and neighborhoods, thus benefiting disadvantaged areas and enhancing community economic and social development.

“We help low and very low income residents with repairs and are committed to helping people age in their own homes,” said Susan Giddens, Construction Manager at St. Johns Housing Partnership, during a recent conversation with Operation New Hope. “We have over 1,000 people on our waiting list for services. The majority of the repairs we make are on bathrooms, floors, and roofs of elderly homeowners that need a little extra help to maintain their homes.”

“Partnering with Operation New Hope is a no-lose relationship. We’ve now hired three Ready4Work graduates and they have all been so amazing. They are motivated and a pleasure to work with. It really speaks to the quality of the Ready4Work program. All have arrived professionally dressed and prepared which is often not the norm in the construction field. Ready4Work clients obviously get the support they need, and we’re proud to be a part of the opportunity for a second chance.”

“If you turn your back on your community and don’t show people how to progress in life, then they will loose hope. A lot of people are just one paycheck short of getting on their feet and that’s sad. We’re proud to be able to partner with Operation New Hope and support second chances in the community. Providing hope is so rewarding.”

Thanks St. Johns Housing Partnership for being a company that cares about our community and for being a Second Chance Supporter!

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