Second Chance Supporters – C Robinson Associates

Conchita Robinson and Reggie Fullwood presenting Welcome Home Kits to Ready4Work Graduates

The idiom “it takes a village” means many people must cooperate to achieve a goal. We certainly know that to be true here at Operation New Hope, and we are so thankful to the support from many in our village! Today we extend our sincere thanks to C Robinson Associates for their generous donation of Welcome Home Kits filled with toiletries to help make the transition from jail and prison more successful. Thank you for lending a hand to help us achieve our mission to reconnect people to the workforce, their families, and their communities after incarceration.  

Every week at Operation New Hope, we welcome people back from jail or prison with nothing more than the shirts on their backs. All the basic hygiene items we take for granted are highly valued essentials for those returning to the community. We are so thankful to the team at C Robinson Associates for helping us welcome back our Ready4Work participants with bags filled with items that will meet not only their basic needs but will also help them transition more effectively. The Welcome Home Kits donated by C Robison Associates were not only filled with valuable items like toothbrushes, soap, and deodorant, but they were really good looking as well. Clients lit up when presented with the attractive toiletry kits and all expressed their deepest gratitude for the generous gift. 

Conchita Robinson made the presentation and addressed the Ready4Work graduates saying, “Whatever you’ve done, whether you were pushed or whether you jumped to do that bad thing… it’s over now. You’ve already paid your debt to society and now you’re supposed to now get back on course. So now prove to the folks that don’t believe that you are indeed who you know are inside.”

She ended by telling the graduates that there is a card inside each bag that reads, “Close the door to the past. Open the door to your future. Take a deep breath, step through, and start a new chapter. We wish you tremendous success in the next chapter of your lives!”

Thank you C Robinson Associates for your generosity and support of our clients’ reentry success. Thank you for making our community better for more people. We are so glad that your are part of our village!

To watch Conchita’s full presentation, please click the video below. 

Would you like to help too? We always welcome donations from the village. Please reach out to us at the contact below if you are interested in donating Welcome Home Kit supplies. 

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