Jacksonville City Council Honors Kevin Gay

On September 27, 2022, the Jacksonville City Council honored Kevin Gay with a resolution nominating and commencing his work as CEO and Founder of Operation New Hope. Kevin founded the nonprofit 23 years ago to address the problems facing Jacksonville’s Historic Springfield neighborhood – poverty, crime, homelessness, disrepair, and drug addiction – and the organization […]

Petway Family Continues to Provide Hope

Operation New Hope extends our sincere thanks and gratitude to the Petway Family for their continued support and commitment to providing hope to individuals returning to our community. Their most recent gift of $10,000 will help us help people successfully overcome the many barriers following incarceration – like lack of affordable housing and transportation and […]

Celebrating Florida Department of Corrections’ Support and Partnership

The first week of May is celebrated as National Correctional Officers and Employees Week, recognizing the contributions of correctional officers and personnel who work in jails, prisons, and community corrections across the country. In addition spotlighting individual correctional officers, we would like to recognize the Florida Department of Corrections (FDC) as a whole for their years of partnership and for their […]

Jaguars Foundation Sends More HOPE

Operation New Hope would like to extend a special thanks to the Jacksonville Jaguars for their generous support during these challenging times. As part of Shad Khan’s contribution to combat the pandemic in our community, the Jaguars Foundation is providing a special grant of $3,000 to assist Operation New Hope with incentives and support to […]