Voices of Hope – Richard S.

Richard Smith grew up in St. Augustine, Florida where he was raised by his grandmother. “My mom gave us up and that lack of love led me to the streets. I had a good job, but I just got greedy. Money becomes a drug too, and I got lost in it all. There is no […]

Voices of Hope – Athena S.

In a classroom packed with current Ready4Work clients, Athena Swygert confessed to spending the years between 17 and 39 addicted to meth. “I took for granted everything I had. I didn’t care because I was an addict. I stole. I cheated – and they took my children.” She paused and took a deep breath before […]

Kendal McCoy Shares His Story

In the latest edition of The Hope Series, viewers are introduced to Kendal McCoy, a Ready4Work program graduate who has overcome challenges and emerged as a shining example of resilience and success. As a co-employee of the year, Kendal’s story serves as an example of hope and inspiration. Kendal’s journey begins with the devastating displacement […]