Thanks to The Community Foundation for Northeast Florida

Operation New Hope is thrilled to announce that we were recently awarded a $25,000 grant from discretionary funds at The Community Foundation for Northeast Florida. This generous funding will help support the basic needs of clients enrolled in our Ready4Work program. 

Many people living in Northeast Florida are struggling to meet even the most basic needs for survival. The health and economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic have led to increased rates of food insecurity, financial instability, and mental health concerns, while an intensifying housing affordability crisis is preventing people from securing stable housing.

The struggle is particularly acute for those impacted by the justice system. People returning from incarceration face a multitude of barriers related to food security, employment, transportation, and housing. Without adequate access to these basic needs, people are less connected to their communities and therefore, far more likely to re-offend and return to incarceration. This cycle of incarceration creates communities that experience higher rates of crime, unemployment, and recidivism, which are all drains on the local tax base and overall economy. Support from generous donors at The Community Foundation for Northeast Florida will make a big impact in the lives of our clients. 

The Community Foundation for Northeast Florida, Florida’s oldest and largest community foundation, works to stimulate philanthropy to build a better community. The Foundation helps donors invest their philanthropic gifts wisely, helps nonprofits serve the region effectively, and helps people come together to make the community a better place. Created in 1964, the Foundation has assets of more than $600 million and has made approximately $640 million in grants since inception. We are so thankful for their support of our life-changing work!

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