Thanks to Wells Fargo for Continued Support of Second Chances

Operation New Hope extends our deepest thanks to Wells Fargo for their instrumental support of our mission. With their latest grant of $25,000, Wells Fargo is helping provide access to safe, stable, and supportive housing for our justice-impacted clients. This grant is not just a financial contribution; it is a symbol of faith in our vision, a recognition of the importance of second chances, and a lifeline for those in need. It not only empowers us to continue our work but also serves as a testament to the positive impact that can be made when organizations and businesses come together to support their communities.

Wells Fargo is committed to building an inclusive, sustainable future for all through a focus  on opening pathways to economic advancement, championing quality, affordable homes, empowering small businesses to thrive, and driving an equity-focused transition to a low-carbon economy. To learn more about Wells Fargo’s commitment to communities, click here.

Research proves that formerly incarcerated people are almost 10x more likely to be homeless than the general public. It’s hard to build a successful life without a place to call home, but this necessity is often out of reach for formerly incarcerated people. Our Ready4Work program provides immediate housing assistance to people impacted by the criminal justice system, offering clients a safe and supportive environment to call home while they focus on receiving  the resources, guidance, and opportunities we provide to help them rebuild their lives and make a fresh start.

Our deepest gratitude goes to Wells Fargo and all of our other Second Chance Supporters for their unwavering commitment to our community and their belief in our life-changing programs that reconnect justice-involved individuals to the workforce, their families, and the community.  It is a reminder that we are not alone in our mission, and it inspires us to work even harder to make a difference. Together, we are taking significant steps toward a more inclusive and compassionate society where everyone has the opportunity to rebuild their lives and thrive. Many thanks to Wells Fargo for their continued support of second chances! 

Since 1999, the valuable commitments from generous donors like Wells Fargo have helped elevate us to the status of a national leader in the field of reentry. If you would like to help us continue to build bright futures, foster personal growth and self-sufficiency, and create safer communities by providing training, housing, support, and mental health services to the justice-impacted in our community, please click the link below to donate today! 


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