Unlocking Opportunities: Exploring the Role of Staffing Solutions in Today’s Job Market

Hiring a formally incarcerated worker is often seen as a risk for many employers. By embracing a second chance approach, our employment partners have the opportunity to utilize a pool of untapped talent and make a positive impact on both the individuals they hire and society. In this article, let’s explore the numerous benefits of hiring our career readiness trained and vetted Ready4Work clients.

Unique Skillsets and Perspectives

In today’s evolving job market, organizations are increasingly recognizing the potential of hiring individuals who have been impacted by the criminal justice system. One of the key advantages of hiring this population is the diverse skillsets and perspectives they bring to the table. Through our program and their lived experiences, Ready4Work clients have developed valuable transferable skills such as adaptability, problem-solving, and resilience. This often translates to candidates with strong work ethic, determination, and the ability to overcome challenges – qualities that can greatly benefit any organization.

Reduce Your Employee Acquisition Cost

When it comes to hiring, employers are well aware of the time and expense involved in the recruitment process. However, by considering our Ready4Work graduates for employment, employers can significantly reduce the time and expenses associated with traditional recruitment practices. Here are some examples of how we help you reduce employee acquisition costs: 

  • Advertisement: Advertising job openings can be costly. Our Ready4Work program employment partners tap into a pre-screened pool of candidates without incurring significant advertising costs.
  • Candidate interviews: We provide trained and vetted candidates who have undergone rigorous interview preparation and screening assessments. Our employment partners benefit by receiving recommendations for qualified candidates, reducing time and effort required for extensive rounds of interviews.
  • Reference screening: It can be time-consuming for employers to contact and gather feedback from references. Our experienced team of Job Coaches and Career Development Instructors have worked closely with each Ready4Work client and can provide reliable and verified references for  candidates we recommend. This saves time for employment partners eliminating the need for extensive reference screening.
  • Drug testing and background checks: Conducting drug tests and background checks is costly and time-consuming. We have you covered, saving you time and money, with our comprehensive background checks and drug screenings which are standard requirements of our Ready4Work program.
Social Impact 

Not only does your company gain from becoming an employment partner, but  you will contribute to the process of social rehabilitation and building self-sufficiency. Employment plays a vital role in reducing the likelihood of individuals returning to crime. When you provide opportunities for people to reconnect to the workforce and become a contributing member of society, individuals, families and entire communities are transformed.

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