Voices of Hope – Andrew L.

“I had a great job with a good company doing Department of Defense contracting for the Navy, but my kids’ mom was struggling with addiction making it impossible for me to be deployed for 2-3 months at a time. I came home and things went from bad to worse. I got myself into trouble and ended up on felony probation. The judge threatened me with 15 years in prison if I ever got into trouble again and sentenced me to going through the program at Operation New Hope. I’m so glad he did.

“The hardest mindset to overcome was the feeling that my prior choices would hold me back. However, the team at Operation New Hope helped me realize that I do still have a positive future. I learned some really good skills in the Ready4Work program. I’ve always done well at job interviews, but I learned more engaging ways to show potential employers that I’m a great candidate.

“After completing the Ready4Work program, I took advantage of the vocational training offered and enrolled in the FSCJ Cecil Center CDL program. Despite a multitude of challenges going on around me, I stayed focused during the 2 month class, earned a 4.0 and just received my Class A CDL license. During my education, I also learned that I have a way of explaining information so other people can receive it, and I was able to help others in my class. Because of this, my 5 year goal is to become an instructor at FSCJ and train others to get their CDL license as well. What I’ve found out is that everything I stick to I make happen, so I’m confident I will reach my goals.

“I recommend Operation New Hope to others all the time. I tell people that they will take a chance on you so you can have another chance. There is hope!”

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