Voices of Hope – Caleb G.

My mom and dad partied a lot when I was growing up, and I didn’t know any different. I just thought that’s how you lived. As a teenager, I started taking pills that led to harder and harder stuff, and I ended up a junkie. I was homeless and in and out of jail. I hadn’t realized that I had hit rock bottom until I was in the hospital being treating after my 29th overdose. I knew I needed to change.”


“I learned about Operation New Hope from my dad and his friends who were living at City House. My dad had just completed the program and was doing great, so I enrolled. Seeing my dad sober made me know I could do better. Unfortunately, my dad passed away on Christmas Eve 2019, just before I started the program. He was my best friend, and I wanted to make him proud.”


“Starting the Ready4Work program was hard after the loss of my dad, but everyone at Operation New Hope made me feel really loved and gave me a glimmer of hope when everything was so dark. The transitional housing they provided was a great help, and I learned a lot from the Customer Service Certification class. My Mental Health Counselor Meredith has been so great. She has helped me overcome so much!”


“I lived my life being insane before coming to Operation New Hope. But since then, everything has started coming together. I have a great job doing landscape work at Garden South. I’m good at my job, I get to travel a a lot for work, and I’m early to work every day. I recently got a $2 raise, and I feel like I can move up in the company.”


“My goals right now are to get my driver’s license and go back to school to get my GED. I want to go to college, but I know I need to be careful with my sobriety. I’ve been sober for one year and two days, and I feel really good. It all started because of Operation New Hope.”

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