Voices of Hope – Erica J.

After serving time for a felony fraud conviction, Erica Jackson worried that she would never find work in an industry other than fast food service. She began to believe that no one would trust her again.

However, those concerns diminished after entering the Ready4Work program. “The program taught me a lot – from being on time to the importance of coming to work everyday to how to be my best in a job interview. But the main thing I learned at Operation New Hope is the importance of believing in myself.”

With her head held high, she explains, “I now take customers’ credit card numbers every day. It’s proof that someone will give you a chance. You just have to stay strong and use everything learned here, even the small stuff.”

Since graduating from Ready4Work, Erica has been employed by the same company for the past 5 years. “I started off in the call center and a year ago, I got the opportunity to work from home as a Customer Service Representative.” Standing even taller she adds, “I gained their trust and showed them what I did in my past is in my past.  Operation New Hope taught me not to settle just because I have a record.  If you continue to strive, someone will give you the opportunity.  You have to have hope.”

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