Voices of Hope – Johnathan N.

After incarceration it’s very difficult to try and reenter society. When you get out of jail, try to reintegrate, and do things on your own, you get so disheartened. You get this sense of not being able to do it because it feels like the world is against you. It was even more difficult for me because I was trying to reintegrate and find a job in the middle of the pandemic when it was in full bloom.

Coming out of incarceration, I began my job hunting. I would get to the first interview stage, but then they would run my background and … nothing. I couldn’t find work. Because I had a felony on my record and was on probation, it was a situation that no employer wanted to deal with. Even though I had done my time, paid my debt to society, and was trying to make amends, I couldn’t get hired.

But then Ready4Work happened and it flipped things upside down in a such a good way.

The primary benefit that Operation New Hope and the Ready4Work program provides is that they show you there is still hope. They give you the support you need so you can gain the ability and the opportunity to succeed in life – regardless of what you’ve done.

Finally, after I graduated from the Ready4Work program, they not only helped me get an interview, but also helped me successfully land my job at Hope Enterprises.

Regardless of who you are, the Ready4Work reintegration team is willing to fight for you no matter what. Nobody’s a lost cause to the people at Operation New Hope. And without the Ready4Work program, there would be no way I’m as half successful as I am right now.”

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