Voices of Hope – Poem by Michael M.

Through the power of authentic storytelling, wounds can be healed and hearts can be freed. The beauty of these words proves that second chances really do matter!



Beautiful, Scarred – a poem by Michael M. – Ready4Work Graduate

It’s sad that there are so many beautiful, scarred people whose battles, pains and fears have kept them mired in isolated struggles where few can see their value, their brilliant, passionate love –

So longing to be extracted and polished to its purpose.

When heaven comes to view our eyes will shock to see the unimaginable weight of treasures hidden in such foolish places we once thought.

Now we quickly glance, in awe too humbled to behold

What gorgeous, priceless treasures our oversight has cost.

Yet present we strain our comfort with courageous vision of new lens to see and call our beautiful brothers and sisters to be.

We spy the jewels once buried and call them to shine so we can see joys artful ignition to earth’s richest asset –

Our weak, our wounded, our warriors.

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