Voices of Hope – Shane H.

Despite the current crisis facing our world, nothing can dim the light shining in Shane Hutto’s smiling face. Full of hope, Shane recently began pursuing a lifelong goal and enrolled in an IT program to earn his A+ certification. He said it’s “great to have motivation again!”

Shane spent much of his 20’s in what he described as a “dark abysmal time.” Shortly after joining the Army in 2009, he broke his leg in basic training which forced an honorable discharge. For the next 3-4 years, he struggled to find purpose until deciding to become a cardiac nurse. “Unfortunately,” he regrettably admitted, “I wasn’t mature enough to carry the responsibility and I got caught up in trouble. I had even less direction, and it wasn’t until I hit my lowest low that I came to a moment of clarity. I realized I wasn’t living my authentic self. Fortunately, that’s when I found Operation New Hope.”

“The good news – it’s possible to change yourself. Neuroplasticity is a thing and you can become who you want to be. You just have to apply yourself. And the Ready4Work program gave the tools and the tool box needed to do just that. It gave me sufficient structure and room to breathe, so I could make my own decisions and figure out what I needed to do to be happy and successful. I’m now doing what I am meant to be doing. For that, I am so thankful!”

Shane’s face lit up with a broadening smile as he added, “Gratitude is now number one on my list. I know that if I’m grateful, everything will be just fine.”

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