Voices of Hope – Terrance Platts

After serving a 20-year sentence for attempted robbery with a firearm, possession of cocaine, and aggravated battery, Terrance Platts came to Operation New Hope through enrollment in the post-release Ready4Work® program.

However, Terrance’s transition to the outside world was not easy. Modern advances such as computers, flash drives, tablets, and search engines were foreign to him. He found it difficult to trust people. But with the guidance of his instructors, case worker, counselor, and job coach, Terrance graduated the Ready4Work reentry program on April 30, 2019.   

After graduation, Terence gained full-time employment in shipping & receiving earning $11.00 per hour.  Within his first month of employment he received a promotion and a $2.00 per hour raise, and after only 60 days, he was eligible for overtime and benefits. 

But Terrance’s success doesn’t stop there.  He has enrolled in business courses FSCJ and has resolved fines to obtain his driver’s license. On June 22, 2019, Terrance purchased his first car! “This time I have to do this right” and he seems to be following through on that promise.

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  1. Proud to see successful, hard-charging, disciplined, and focused people hungry to be better!!! God bless the clients and staff at ONH!!!

    1. Thanks soooo much for the opportunity to serve segments of our community which remain underserved1 God bless you too, Mr. Joel! From Day 1, you have been such a GREAT inspiration for me as well as soooo many others !!

      1. So proud of you, Terrance! We expect GREAT things from you now and beyond! Continue to shine your light , stay encouraged, and never forget your ONH family!!! Stay Blessed!!

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