Voices of Hope – Tracey F.

Tracey Fisher was in her early 40’s and had a successful career but got caught up in drugs and ended up behind bars. “Even when I tried to turn my life around, my past just kept pulling me back down. Jail took something from me and left me with hopelessness, insecurity and shame.”

“But Operation New Hope raked the ground for new seeds to be planted in me. I began believing that anything is possible.” Thinking back, she adds, “I thank God for the moments because those little moments connect, and they paint a picture, and then they make a history, and then they form a foundation, and that’s what I’m standing on now. I’m standing on those moments when I thought I had nothing… when I thought I couldn’t be a good mother… when I couldn’t pay the rent. I thought my past was so bad that it was going to hold me hostage. And I’m now proud to say that’s not who I am anymore.”

After graduating from the Ready4Work program 3 years ago, Tracey landed a job as a driver at a local recovery center. She was quickly promoted to receptionist, then administrative assistant, followed by executive assistant. She now works as the Assistant Director of Operations for the same organization. 

“When you have faith and hope, nothing can stop you. There’s a better plan for me.”  Speaking to the current class of clients, Tracey reminds them that “everybody in here has worth and there is a plan for every single person. Your past is not going to stop you from touching someone else.  Hope is a wonderful thing!”

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