Voices of Hope – William Carroll

“I was hopeless, homeless, and a drug addict. I sold drugs, and I was my best client. I was so allergic to using that every time I did, I would end up in handcuffs. I was a 6 time convicted felon in and out of jail and prison. I could lie and make it sound better, but it was all self inflicted. I can’t look back at my life and try and paint it differently. My addiction preceded everything, and I was too embarrassed to get help.”

“The last time I was incarcerated, I knew I had to look at it as a blessing, because I couldn’t save myself from myself. I knew I had to change one thing – and that was everything. So I turned to God and he guided me to help. I dove head first into recovery and went through the Matrix House Program. Then, I was led by God to Operation New Hope. I went in willing and open-minded and the Ready4Work course helped me open up to new things and broaden my horizons. Operation New Hope was God doing what I couldn’t do for myself.”

“And the opportunities came knocking because of Operation New Hope. I have a great job that I love at Parliment Building Products. I now have my own checking account, I’ve gotten my license back, and I’m saving up to buy a car. I just signed up for my first 401K savings account, and I couldn’t be more proud. My goal is to continue working at Parliment and continue as a productive member of my community.”

“Giving back is a large part of my life now. If I keep the gift of recovery, it won’t help anyone, so I work to share my story. I chair the meetings in my group home and help others working on their recovery. I’m now the assistant night manager and I am going to stay in my sober living home because it holds me accountable. I keep everything fresh in my mind for the simple fact that if I forget, I can slip back that easy. I have no desire or want to pick up again.”

“My sick deluded thinking kept me from being able to see this version of myself. I got tired of that incomprehensible demoralization and hopelessness. Thanks to Operation New Hope, my mission now is to show others hope and I love it!”

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