Cindy Phengphanh

Director of Program Partnerships

Cindy Phengphanh joined Operation New Hope in March 2020. As the Director of Program Partnerships, Cindy is responsible for exploring, cultivating, maintaining, and expanding community partnerships. She helps to develop new processes and procedures to ensure the success of our Ready4Work, Ready4Success, and Ready4theFuture programs. 

Cindy worked in acute psychiatric settings in mental health hospitals providing group and individual therapy with patient caseloads from 25-35 in a unit. She also has experience in management and administration. Cindy has two bachelors degrees in psychology and humanities and a masters in Mental Health Counseling. She was licensed in North Carolina as an LPC and registered for her LMHC in Florida. She grew up in Atlanta, Georgia but was born in Southeast Asia in the small landlocked country of Laos surrounded by China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Thailand. In her free time, Cindy enjoys exercising daily and exploring flea markets for the most exotic and fresh fruits.

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