Letter of Thanks from Ready4Work Client

Being in the business of hope is so rewarding! At Operation New Hope, we are so fortunate to witness personal transformations daily and to champion our clients’ successes. The below letter received from a client after he graduated the Ready4Work program yesterday is real proof that second chances matter! We are so thankful to Kelly for taking the time to share his gratitude with us!

I graduated today, which just so happens to be my birthday.

Without your help and acceptance, with only a 1 day notice, I would not only be homeless, I would have to have gone back to Broward county. There is nothing but bad memories and old haunts there, which I am thankful to not be around!

You really have given me a “NEW HOPE“; because I was released in the midst of the Corona pandemic where so many places are closed. Yet thankfully you are still accepting some new clients. I can only speak for myself, you may very well have saved my life! Seriously, had you not have accepted me, Mr. Whitaker, there is no telling what would have become of me. So I would like to give you my sincerest appreciation for welcoming to Operation New Hope – Ready for Work…

As for each and every person, whether directly involved with my case, or anyone working in any capacity at all with Operation New Hope, I hope this email is shared with everyone, even the Founder, so that each and every person knows that they are saving lives and TRULY instilling HOPE to people like myself, who would have felt hopeless without Operation New Hope.

So again, I thank each and every one of you individually and collectively, I owe you my life, and the only way I can repay you is to show you that what you do there DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE & THAT YOU REALLY DO HELP PEOPLE.

God Bless You All …

Your ever grateful client,

Kelly Jackson

At Operation New Hope, we believe that we are all better than our worse mistake, worst day, or worst decision. We believe in people’s ability to transform their lives through commitment and hard work. We see it every day, in clients just like Kelly, as we support their reentry and growth.

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