Great Neighbors at Strings Sports Brewery – New Client Lunches

Our neighbors at Strings Sports Brewery continue to demonstrate their support for our program through our new meal partnership that started on Thursday.

Due to a new grant, Operation New Hope is now able to offer our clients a more substantial hot lunch provided by Strings. To better understand how this new hot meal impacts our clients, we visited the classroom just as lunch was being delivered. On the menu was the choice of a pulled pork platter with coleslaw and mac and cheese, or a salad packed with veggies and served with a house-made dressing.

Our clients are extremely grateful for the switch to a “fresh and tasty” hot meal and many of them acknowledged how this daily meal included in the program will become another incentive for future program participants. One client assured us that Strings has “got new business” while another explained, “When I have my own money, this is where I’d spend it.”

Proper nutrition is essential in providing a stable learning environment, and the delicious food that Strings provide helps us keep our clients coming back. Thank you to the Strings team for your continued support and for providing delicious lunches for our Ready4Work rock stars! Be sure to drop by their restaurant and let them know we said hello!

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