Ready4Work Continues to Match Clients with Living Wage Jobs

Operation New Hope’s Employment Services Team remains hard at work and is crushing goals! Since the beginning of the year, we have placed 157 clients in living wage jobs despite the uncertain and shifting economy. Even in the midst of a pandemic, we not only exceeded our prior years’ achievements, but we have been helping clients find replacement jobs after being laid off due to COVID-19.

We ran the numbers and compared job placements for the first half of the years since 2017, and were pleased by our achievements. Our 2020 numbers are 9% higher than last year!

Not only are we helping people returning from incarceration find work during uncertain times, but we also helped an additional 38 clients by placing them in replacement positions. Unfortunately, many of our employment partners were forced to reduce their workforce due to stay at home orders. Like many other Americans, some of our clients who had been working found themselves out of work. However, we were able to leverage our trusted relationships and connect those clients with other employers who were hiring.

We are also excited to report that our clients’ average wages continue to increase. Since 2017, wages have increased 7.5% to an average of $11.16 per hour.

Even during these challenging economic times, Ready4Work is working. We are reconnecting people to the workforce, motivating them to productive, responsible citizens, and saving taxpayers millions of dollars by avoiding repeated cost of incarceration, additional unemployment compensation claims, and lost tax revenue.

Do you believe second chances matter and want to support Operation New Hope? You can help by becoming an Employment Partner.

Employers who hire Ready4Work clients can take advantage of a variety of tax credits and the federal bonding program, reducing costs while providing life changing opportunities. Our clients are assessed, workforce skills trained, and vetted to ensure we are providing employment partners with qualified, reliable, and cost-saving placements. Our team of dedicated job coaches support the success of every hire by providing year-long employment counseling services and retention incentives. Contact us today!

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