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Voices of Hope – Reba O.

“Before coming to Operation New Hope, I was in a really low place mentally and emotionally. I wasn’t dealing with things that were going on in my life in a productive manner, so instead I really had just given up. I stopped caring and that led me to decisions that landed me in jail. Even before I went to jail and was in trouble, I was only able to find minimum wage paying jobs. I could never find a living wage job and often would work 2 jobs because I have kids. “

“But since going through the Ready4Work program, everything has changed. I finally feel like I am not on my own anymore. Instead, I have an entire team building me up. Ready4Work has given me so much confidence and has given me the ability to go from where I was to something great. Ready4Work gave me the confidence and determination to start over in a much better way. Specifically, Ready4Work helped me believe that I wasn’t that old person. It helped me realize that I could really become a productive member of society.”

“Immediately after graduating from the Ready4Work Career Development course, the team at Operation New Hope helped me to land a really great job with KeHE Distribution. Ready4Work gave me the confidence to stretch myself and get something better than the low-wage, no opportunity for growth jobs I used to have. I am now able to earn a real living wage position. I have been with KeHE on this same job for over 8 months now and I am so happy and secure.”

“I would absolutely recommend the Ready4Work program to others who have been incarcerated or have a criminal record. The whole Operation New Hope team gives people so much confidence – especially with interviewing. Before, I would get so nervous during interviews and not know what to say. But after I received skills training and support, I was prepared to answer any question and had the confidence to nail any interview without stuttering.”

“Going through the program taught me perseverance towards goals. In 8 months, I’ve saved money, I have a new car, and I’m close to achieving the goal of having my own home. Now, I know I can set goals, achieve them and set bigger goals. No matter what now, I know that I can succeed and I’m so happy with where my life is!”


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