Voices of Hope – Sharnika W.

“Since graduating from the Ready4Work program in 2010, my life has changed so much. I have gone on to work as a caterer at a high volume hotel in Miami Beach, and I was a contestant on two Food Network competitions. I’ve recently been building my own catering business – Cake Dreams of Miami. My goal is to grow my catering business into a full brand, and ultimately, I would love to have a kitchen that is run entirely by formerly incarcerated individuals. I want to give back to society the way Operation New Hope gave to me.”

Voices of Hope – William Carroll

“My sick deluded thinking kept me from being able to see this version of myself. I got tired of that incomprehensible demoralization and hopelessness. Thanks to Operation New Hope, my mission now is to show others hope and I love it!”

Bank of America Supporting Local Communities to Help Address Global Impact of Coronavirus

The year 2020 certainly has proven to be challenging for everyone, but the team at Operation New Hope is rising to meet the moment because of the generous support of our committed donors. We are so grateful to the Bank of America Charitable Foundation for their most recent $50,000 grant to support our COVID-19 response efforts. Bank of America is …

Voices of Hope – Aaron F.

“Drugs and doing stuff to get drugs sent me to prison. I started using when I was 13 and I went to prison 8 times. Every time I got out, it was the same thing. I’d spend 2 years in and then spend 6 months out. And when I got sentenced to 10 years the last time, I said ‘Lord, …